World opening up!

The last few months have been great for Pacific. He figured out that wearing his gear means he gets to go outside! We’ve gotten to go on adventures that were out of the question just this spring.

We started with some trials at dusk, when the UV levels were already low,


And after a few minutes of practice it was dark enough to take off the gear and play with our sister.


The grocery store was another safe place to trial wearing our gear.


But since then we’ve tried it for longer and longer periods at lots of different places!

At the park…




Our first boat ride!


Adding in some sunglasses so the bright sun doesn’t hurt our sensitive eyes. What a cool dude!


We even took our first trip to the zoo last week with a friend! The Zoomazium is a playspace that is almost entirely UV-safe where we could take off his gear after being outside seeing the animals for a while.




Another new achievement is Pax being willing to wear his headlamp at night so he can see where he is going. This makes playtime much more fun (and safe!)



Who knows where he will go next!


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  1. Janet (Wager) Andrews

    This is wonderful!

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